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Inspiration | Where does it come from?

Inspiration.  It’s something I get asked about often.  For real, not just saying that.  I had 2 different messages this week asking how I became a photographer and why.  That’s a super hard question to answer.  It seems as thought it was always just something I wanted to do.  I remember being a child and grabbing my Nanny’s polaroid and taking photos of anything and everything. So, here’s the funny and easy answer about Inspiration.  IT’S EVERYWHERE.

I’m not kidding about that answer.  It really is everywhere.  I often find myself taking photos of plants, flowers, random building, and well, people.  Because of my job, I do often find inspiration in people, but, once again, it’s everywhere.  It’s in not working so hard that you forget in the little things.  It’s in my morning runs.  It’s in my scrolling on Instagram.  It’s in my journaling.  It can be in anything.

Today, take a minute to write down 5 things that you find inspiration in.  Do this once a week, usually on a Monday.  During the week, focus on those things, and you’ll be so surprised at what you see and how you start to see things differently.  Change it up weekly.  If you’re interested in photography, take a photo of those 5 things weekly.  Just for you.  It’s a fun way to see things differently, and to find a little light in this world. 

Happy Tuesday! My inpirations for the week are :

1.) Nature and Light

2.) Laughter

3.) A City

4.) Books

5.) Conversation

I’ve posted a couple of photos that might help you see what I’m talking about a little more.

Be sure to comment and tell me about some of your favorite inspirations for the week!

hi! It’s me again!

Hi! It’s me again.  Just stopping by my own blog to say that I stink at updating it.  However, that will be changing soon.  Today I start a really big project. One that I’ve been dying to start for a while.  In a few months I’ll be switching over to a different blog. One that looks more like me, and will be updated most days.  I’ve slacked the last couple of years. When I lived in Texas, blogging was such an outlet for me, and somewhere along the way, I lost being able to tell my story. I became worried with what others would think, or what they were already thinking.  I’ll save my big stories for my new site, so for now, I thought I would grab everyones attention by posting a little here for the time being.  If you’re new to my site, my name is Brooke.  Yes, it’s Ashley Brooke, but my family and friends have always called me Brooke.  I hate the word busy, but I stay pretty busy.  I run my photography business, work at a bar, and am currently working on grabbing a side hustle.  I honestly love working and creating. Over the next 2 months I promise to be more present on all my socials, and on here.  I want to update and just give tips to people about photography and life things.  Seems fun, and it’s a nice way to connect with people! So shout out! I’m not sure the comments work here, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and connect with me there! I can’t wait to hear from you :)


4th grade.  That’s when I remember the first time being self conscience.  I remember standing looking at my new glasses and thinking how ugly I was.  Anyone else have that moment?  I think since then, I’ve fought with myself.  Me.  Not anyone else.  I’m 35, that’s a long time of going without loving yourself, but here we are.  I remember thinking that last line to myself about a month ago.  I was in therapy and my therapist (shout out to Courtney, because I wouldn’t be writing this without her) said to me, something like, “You have to find out with your “I AM” is.” To me, that was “I AM ENOUGH”.  I’d always said those words about everything, but it was never I AM ENOUGH.  It was always I AM NOT ENOUGH.  When she said those words for some reason it clicked. I totally got it at that moment and understood that I am enough.  It no longer mattered what anyone said or thought.  That belief system was going to be what directed me into my next journey.

I’ll go back a couple years to explain how I got to this place.  Which has basically been my whole life.  I went through the majority of my life never feeling like things were enough.  Doesn’t matter where the pressure came from, it was there.  Looks, grades, work, whatever it was, it just wasn’t enough for everyone.  But, do you see what I said there…everyone.  Why did I care? Why was that the bar that I was trying to get too?  The main person that I needed to make sure that I was taking care of was myself, and that’s something I never did.  For 35 years, I’ve been concerned with what everyone else was thinking, doing, caring, when really, it was me I should’ve been worrying about. 

Which leads me to my next subject, leaping.  6 years ago I took a huge leap and left a really toxic and bad relationship.  One day, I’ll tell my story about that, but for now, I’ll say this.  Without that leap, I wouldn’t be leaping into my business again.  I wouldn’t be pushing myself to be a better person, and I wouldn’t be able to write this blog post.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing a little bit of a shift in the blog, my posts, and my website some.  I want to be able to share my journey with life, which is what I want my photography to portray.  I think sometimes we only show the good parts of life, but without the bad, we wouldn’t have all those good parts.  So my goal for this year, is to show you all of it, and I hope you enjoy it.  I also hope that you find things that you love to do.  I hope you find the passion that makes you push yourself.  I hope you realize that you are enough, and I hope you find your “I AM” and say it daily.

The photo above is of me, looking in the mirror and realizing, I AM ENOUGH.  It doesn’t matter if people like me, or not, because I do.  And that’s what is really the most important.

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